Show Horses

To be successful in this industry one must have a true passion for the sport – putting it and the horse, many times, ahead of yourself. To be successful, it takes time dedication and hard work. The sport is precise, and it is addictive. It’s a sport that no matter how it just went in the showpen you can’t wait to do it again. If you marked a 0 you want to go back in and fix it, if you had a bobble or two – you want to go back in … you know you can do better. When you win or have a personal best – you can’t wait to get back in the pen and feel that excitement all over again! But no matter what, in this sport you can’t do it alone – it’s you and your horse – together as a team. Below are my current horses who go into the pen with me to put our hard work on the line and give it our best.


Footwork Revolution

Footwork Revolution2010 Dun Stallion
Einsteins Revolution X DS Fancy Footwork
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